I’m Charlie Denton. I’m a software developer. I work mostly with Django in Python on Linux.

This page lists some of my open-source projects. This website also hosts my (mostly technical) blog.

Django Schema Graph

A way to diagram the state of your Django database / model / app structure. Easy to use, and pretty to look at.


I couldn’t find an asyncio IRC library to match my needs, so I wrote one myself! FramewIRC (pronounced “framework”) is simple and modular in the hopes of being a good starting point for others to write bots, bouncers, clients, and more specialised IRC libraries.

Python Wheels

Wheels are the fast new standard of python distribution. Python Wheels offers a chance to learn about wheels and their use, and see at a glance how many projects already use them.

Classy Class-Based Views

Django’s class-based generic views are great, but can be hard to grasp. The learning curve is made steep by a complex tree of multiple inheritance. CCBV attempts to flatten the curve by allowing you to easily find and read the code you care about.